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The Book Hub

Concept Project for Demonstration Purposes

Not Affiliated with Named Company

The Book Hub stands as a testament to thoughtful design, transforming a train station corner into a lively, communal reading nook. Its exterior boasts a striking, colourful design, with dynamic typography beckoning travellers into this novel retreat. The railway's proximity underscores the hub's aim to enrich the transit experience.

the book hub - a vibrant building design shown at a train station
showing a the building from the opposite side beside a train station

Internally, the design's vibrant hues foster an inviting realm, contrasting sharply with the typical monotony of transit spaces. Shelves brim with books, inviting interaction and literary discovery. This well-designed haven invites passengers to immerse themselves in tales and texts as they wait. 


Sustainability is at the heart of the design, with recycling stations emphasising the hub's green ethos. The book donation system encourages a continuous cycle of literary life.

custom design of the interior of the book hub showing vending machine recycling bins and a flower pot
seating area design with large chairs and a table in the middle of the room - also shows two speakers in the top corners
library showing shelves of books lining the walls
custom design of a neon sign at night showing the book hub logo

At night, the hub's sign shines—a luminous design feature, guiding the community to this beacon of culture and connection. The glowing sign is not just a marker, but a symbol of the light that reading can bring to the traveller's journey. This design element encapsulates the hub's essence: a well-lit sanctuary for the exchange of books and the sparking of imaginations.

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