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wave made of grey linework in a japanese style
red and white japanese pattern with black squiggle


Abstract Surface

Discover the depth and breadth of Blood Moon's creative excellence by exploring our extensive portfolio. Each project showcased represents a chapter in our ongoing journey of design innovation. From the earliest days of bold experimentation to our current masterpieces, our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to bespoke graphic design and branding. Dive into our rich history and witness how each project has contributed to the evolution of our unique design philosophy, blending artistic vision with functional design. Join us in celebrating the milestones of creativity and technical prowess that define Blood Moon's legacy in the design world.

edinburgh bicycle cooperative logo project

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative's rebranding involved two concepts. The first combined modern design and functionality with a custom logo and icons, using clean, engaging adverts. The second used a retro style with a heritage logo and nostalgic colours, creating adverts that connect to cycling's history. Both aimed to resonate with cyclists, highlighting the co-operative's commitment. 

The revitalisation of Holly Fulton Fashion House explores two Art Deco-inspired concepts. The first features a rich gold palette, exuding opulence in its logo and adverts, reminiscent of luxury and grandeur. The second contrasts with serene blue, modernising the Art Deco style through a sleek logo and sophisticated adverts. Both honour Art Deco's history while adding a contemporary twist, embodying the brand's timeless elegance and innovation.

logo design for holly fulton fashion house portfolio

Revitalising book covers from "1984" to "To Kill a Mockingbird," our portfolio showcases creativity in design. "1984" features a stark, mechanical look reflecting its dystopian theme, while "An Anthology of War Poems" merges war's rawness with poetry's reflection. "Jump & Grind Skateboarding Techniques" bursts with skate culture's vibrancy, "The 20th Century Artbook" offers minimalist art history, and "The Graphic Design Handbook" presents diverse modern design aspects. 

a book standing up called the graphic design handbook - project
magazine adverts for the more than visual portfolio - wooden letters on a green background

Sawdust's trio of advert campaigns exemplifies their "more than visual" ethos. The first series uses tactile wood grain textures in typography, symbolising craftsmanship and the design journey. The second transforms electrical cables into expressive typography against a blue sky, depicting interconnected ideas and innovation. The final series features steel letters with blue paint, reflecting creativity over rigidity, symbolising Sawdust's deep cultural and creative impact. Each series transcends traditional visuals, offering an immersive brand experience. 

Brew Shed's Tattoo Edition merges craft brewing with tattoo artistry, featuring bottles from Irezumi elegance to Trash Polka boldness. Each variant, like pear-infused "Irezumi" or citrusy "New School," promises a unique tasting journey. The tattoo-themed carry-out crate and vibrant website offer an immersive experience, where each beer tells a story, inviting participation in a lifestyle blending bold flavours with innovative branding design.

four beer bottles inspired by tattoos and ink bottles - project
empty opened box showing mexican branding

Mockup Designed by Freepik

"Cacao De Los Dioses" offers a luxurious range of traditional Mexican chocolates, each piece a tribute to the ancient cacao culture. Adorned with vibrant Alebrijes and the emblem of deity Kukulkan, the collection is a fusion of history and artistry. From cacao beans to chocolate bars, each product invites a sensory journey, blending tradition with modern indulgence in a celebration of Mexico's chocolate-making heritage.

The Scottish Crannog Centre's rebranding captures Scottish heritage, blending tradition with modernity in its new logo. Featuring on diverse items like history-infused mugs, banners, and loch-blue pens, each piece embodies the Iron Age spirit. From eco-friendly totes to a branded van, this merchandise transcends mere branding, embodying the Centre's essence and inviting engagement with Scotland's ancient civilisation.

banner showing the scottish crannog centre
the book hub - a vibrant building at a train station

'The Book Hub' at a train station corner marries vibrant design with a love for literature, offering travellers a lively reading nook. Its colourful exterior and dynamic typography stand out in the transit space, inviting passengers to a world of books. Emphasising sustainability and literary exchange, the hub becomes a luminous beacon at night, symbolising the light of reading in a traveller's journey.

Mockup Designed by freemockupzone

billboard for The Bettii Pod showing a pear on the beach - portfolio

The Bettii Pod's marketing campaign masterfully blends fruit imagery with an urban Japanese aesthetic to promote their public menstrual cup cleaner. The playful fruit visuals de-stigmatise menstrual health, while the neon, graffiti-style Japanese designs boldly challenge period taboos. This striking, dual-themed approach captures attention across digital and physical spaces, effectively conveying the product's innovative, culture-shifting ethos.

The Chivas Regal 'Aficionado' line redefines contemporary luxury, blending a modern hip flask design with a minimalistic wave motif. The bottle features contrasting black water effect and frosted glass, accented with a liver red leather wrap and a stainless steel cap. This sophisticated design is complemented by elegant packaging, targeting a global audience through strategic advertising in travel hubs and online platforms, symbolising success and achievement.

billboard in an airport showing an advert for a whisky product

Mockup Designed by / Freepik

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