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Concept Project for Demonstration Purposes

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The Chivas Regal 'Aficionado' design is a bold step into contemporary luxury, a tribute to the new generation of achievers. The bottle's design is a modern interpretation of a classic hip flask, rectangular with pronounced, square shoulders—a nod to Chivas Regal's heritage of distinctive silhouettes. The design language here is minimalistic yet striking, employing wave motifs that echo the fluidity of the whisky, a sensory allusion to the movement of liquid.

bottle product design for aficionado - a whisky for chivas regal
whisky bottle design with a wrap on the bottom third of the bottle
chivas regal company logo displayed on a black and maroon box design with aficionado printed in the middle
back of box design showcasing the business logo of chivas regal
product box open showing chivas regal whisky inside in a black and maroon colour scheme

At the heart of the bottle's aesthetics are two contrasting types of glass: the black water effect glass and the black frosted glass. The former symbolises the whisky's dynamic essence and pays homage to the distillery's proximity to the Moray Firth, while the latter evokes the tactile quality of sea glass, creating an interplay of textures that speak of sophistication and depth.

This tactile experience is further enhanced by a luxurious liver red leather wrap, adding a functional grip and a visual and sensory contrast. The cap, in stainless steel, follows the wave theme and the Chivas Regal name is subtly debossed around the collar, ensuring brand recognition while aligning with the bottle's understated elegance.

The packaging complements the bottle with similar design elements, from the wave motif to the magnetic closure echoing the vertical debossing of 'Aficionado'. The sturdy matt black packaging with liver red accents exudes quality and ensures that the brand stands out with a contemporary yet timeless appeal. 


The removal of the 'shield' imagery from current Chivas Regal products in favour of a stylised typeface for each product name allows for a flexible brand identity that can evolve while maintaining recognisability. The Chivas Regal logo remains, serving as an anchor to the brand's legacy. 

magazine advert for the new product design of chivas regal whisky
billboard in an airport showing an advert for a whisky product

Mockup Designed by / Freepik

billboard in an airport showing an advert for a whisky product

Mockup Designed by / Freepik

The advertising strategy is as meticulous as the design, targeting areas where the intended demographic converges: airport lounges, duty-free zones, and arrivals, ensuring maximum visibility to a global audience. Online, the campaign extends to strategically chosen websites with pop-up adverts, and on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, leveraging their vast reach to create engagement. 


This comprehensive approach from design to advertising showcases a product that is not just a beverage but a symbol of success and achievement, a statement piece for those who have 'made it'. The Chivas Regal 'Aficionado' is thus not merely a new addition to a storied range, but a declaration of grandeur and aspiration.

instagram advert showing the whisky product and where to purchase it from

Mockup Designed by antonioli / Freepik

a facebook advert to display the new whisky product available on the market
a pop up website advert for chivas regal whisky - aficionado
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