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More Than Visual

Concept Project for Demonstration Purposes

Not Affiliated with Named Company

The first trio of advertisements for Sawdust immediately captivate with their tactile allure, speaking volumes to the brand’s mantra, "more than visual." Each visual composition harmoniously marries texture and typography, forging a sensory-rich narrative.

In the first image, the word "MORE" is etched with a wood grain finish that evokes the essence of craftsmanship. The letters are rendered with such tangible precision that one can almost perceive the scent of freshly hewn timber. This richness is set against a verdant backdrop, reminiscent of the lush forests where wood begins its journey.

The sequel image frames "THAN" in the same wooden texture, yet here the letters appear as if in mid-deconstruction, with chippings scattered, symbolising the process and labour behind every finished piece. The backdrop's gradient subtly shifts to reflect the passage of time and effort that Sawdust invests in transcending mere visuals.

magazine design show words made of wood

Finally, "VISUAL" is depicted with the letters fully deconstructed, surrounded by an array of wood shavings. This image completes the narrative arc, from the whole form to its reimagined deconstruction, emphasising that Sawdust's ethos is rooted in both the integrity of materials and the beauty of the inner workings of the design process.

Collectively, these images assert that Sawdust's identity is deeply interwoven with the authenticity of creation, celebrating not just the final product but the journey of making—insisting that it's indeed "more than visual." It's a tactile symphony, a conversation between the material and the maker, and ultimately, a tribute to the art of seeing beyond the surface. 

the words more than visual made of electric cables on clouds in the sky

The second concept continues to intrigue with its clever use of everyday objects to convey its message, this time transforming electrical cables into expressive typography set against a clear blue sky, cradled by clouds.

In the first advertisement, the word "MORE" is formed by black cables against a vivid blue backdrop, bending and twisting to shape the letters. This visual not only draws the eye with its playful ingenuity but also alludes to the interconnectedness of ideas, much like the cables that power our devices, suggesting that Sawdust delivers solutions that connect deeply with consumer needs and aspirations. 

Advancing the narrative, the second image spells out "THAN" with the same cables, leaving the viewer in anticipation of the next instalment to come. This reflects Sawdust’s promise of being more than just a provider of services, but a partner in progress, always on the verge of the next big idea.

The final piece in the triptych, "VISUAL," showcases cables in the third and final form, to emphasise the concept of looking at things from a different perspective. Sawdust, through this image, positions itself as a brand that reimagines the norm, challenges perceptions, and encourages its audience to think beyond the conventional.

Altogether, these advertisements encapsulate the essence of Sawdust’s brand identity—innovative, dynamic, and always engaging beyond the visual to touch upon the cerebral and the connective elements of design and communication.

The third and final Sawdust campaign pierces through the static of conventional advertising with a visceral punch, perfectly encapsulating their slogan, "more than visual." These images are not merely seen; they are felt.

In the first advert, "MORE" is carved into steel, with a vibrant blue paint dripping over it, symbolising the fluidity and creativity that Sawdust pours over the rigidity of the ordinary. The concrete wall backdrop implies durability and substance, echoing Sawdust’s robust foundation in design.

magazine design with more than visual made out of metal with vibrant blue liquid

Progressing to "THAN," the dripping paint creates a continuity that suggests Sawdust's work extends beyond the immediate; it bleeds into the fabric of culture and consciousness. Here, the solidity of the letterforms, half-immersed in colour, stands for the depth of impact the brand aspires to have on both market and mind.

Culminating in "VISUAL," the letters are awash in a blue glow, as if drenched in the very essence of Sawdust’s innovative spirit. The paint pools at the base of the letters, a metaphor for the accumulation of ideas and creativity that the brand represents.

This trilogy of images speaks to the ethos of Sawdust – it is a brand that doesn't just decorate space, it transforms it. It doesn't just speak, it resonates. Sawdust is not just seen—it is experienced, leaving an ineradicable mark on both the eye and the imagination.

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